Subtitle: Volume 1
By: Tony Dawkins
Genre: FXA - Graphic novels: Manga
Published by: Quarto
Published: 2 Aug 2022
ISBN: 9780760376874


Honduran teenager Eli Santos is plucked from his troubled life by an extraterrestrial scout to participate in a galactic tournament that will decide the course of over a trillion lifeforms. Eli Santos is a hotheaded Honduran teenager who has made many enemies at every turn of his young life. Concerned for his safety, his father prepares to send him away, but he is abducted not by rebels or criminal gangs but by an alien scout. He has been selected to participate in a galactic tournament that will decide the course of over a trillion lifeforms using gigantic strange creatures bred for war called Titans.

Rumors suggest that the old empire, the Vorusians, are gunning to win the tournament! If they do, then they will use the control of the Titans to crush all those that stand in their way. To make matters worse, Eli has been partnered with one of the most feared and uncontrollable Titans, Rexleo. What they don't know is that this human has pride and never backs down from a fight.

But can Eli forge a relationship with his beast and challenge the despots who would seek to conquer everything, or is he doomed to fail? A galaxy waits nervously to see how the Titan King Tournament unfolds...

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After being involved in yet another fight, hot-headed Eli finds himself on the way to military school - his father thinks that this is the best way for Eli to change his ways before he gets into serious trouble.

But little do they know that he won’t even make it to school, as he is abducted along the way and thrown into the alien world of the Titans.

Different creatures from all over the galaxy are preparing for the fight of their lives, as they undertake training for the Titan tournament that will determine the fate of them all...

But is Eli really up to this? Can he learn to summons and control the Titan that he has been assigned, the unpredictable Rexleo?

This is an action-packed graphic novel, with an array of strange extra-terrestrial creatures. Eli is brave and determined, and he has a real desire to do the right thing and to prove to his Dad that he can be somebody and not just a troublemaker.

It will be enjoyed by all secondary students who enjoy this genre.

Reviewed by Sam