By: Sasha Alsberg
Illustrated by: Lindsay Cummings
Genre: YF - Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories
Published by: Harlequin
Published: 22 Jan 2018
ISBN: 9780008228330


YA Sci-Fi featuring an all-girl spaceship crew taking control and showing the boy's how it's done, with romance, tragedy and ray-guns.

Most know Androma Racella as the Bloody Baroness: a powerful mercenary whose reign of terror stretches across the Mirabel Galaxy. To those aboard her fearsome glass starship the Maurader, she's just Andi, their captain and protector.

When a routine mission goes awry, the all-girl crew's resilience is tested as they find themselves in a most unfamiliar place: at the mercy of a powerful bounty hunter connected to Andi's past and a harrowing betrayal.



Androma Racella, or Andi to her all-girl crew of the Maurader, is a fearsome fighter and pirate – afraid of no one in the Mirabel Galaxy. Here she is known as the Bloody Baroness, willing to take on most missions. When one of these goes spectacularly wrong Andi must come face to face with the past she is running from.

This is a thrilling sci-fi tale with wonderful strong female characters. It is also complex, mysterious and at times quite violent. You will love the depth of character that is explored as well as the intriguing plot that is very interwoven.

Highly recommended for all sci-fi fans 15 and up.

Reviewed by Michelle

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