By: Prue Masson
Genre: YFA - Classic fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Allen & Unwin
Published: 25 Feb 2015
ISBN: 9781743312544


Zafir has a comfortable life in Homs, Syria, until his father, a doctor, is arrested for helping a protester who was campaigning for revolution.

While his mother heads to Damascus to try to find out where his father is being held, Zafir stays with his grandmother - until her house is bombed.

With his father in prison, his mother absent, his grandmother ill and not a friend left in the city, Zafir must stay with his Uncle Ghazi. But that too becomes dangerous as the city becomes more and more besieged.

Will Zafir survive long enough to be reunited with his parents?


The Through My Eyes series really does take the reader on a journey, looking through the eyes of a young person living in a way that they can only imagine.

In this book, we follow the life of Zafir. He is a young boy who moved to Syria from Dubai. His life is very different to what he knew, but with the uprising against the government his live just keeps getting worse.

He has struggled to make friends and is homesick for the life that he had, and when life in Syria takes a turn for the worst, the friends he did have all flee, leaving him even more isolated.

Zafir and his family find themselves caught in the middle of the uprising and he witnesses and experiences things that a boy of 13 should never have to. He has a close relationship with his family, but with all that is going on, he finds himself in a position he never imagined.

A timely and important story, taking readers into the heart and mind of someone not so different from themselves. It is book that will give both boys and girls an insight into the tensions of life in the middle east. Suited for those 12 +.

Reviewed by Sam