By: Kate Temple & Jol Temple
Illustrated by: Grace West
Genre: YFA - Classic fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Allen & Unwin
Published: 25 Jul 2018
ISBN: 9781760523756


Meet Alice Toolie - seriously famous youtootuber, and lead jellyfish in the school jazz ballet - and absolutely not a good friend of Jimmy Cook in this stand-alone humorous story from the CBC award-winning writers of the Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers series.

Something very bad has happened to Alice Toolie. Her secret diary has been read by her worst enemy - Jimmy Cook.

It's war! Until Ms Fennel decides that Alice and Jimmy need to make peace and become pen pals for the term.

And it works. Before long, Alice and Jimmy are planning to make billions of dollars for the school fete - and with a captured ghost and jars full of unicorn vomit, it's sure to be their time to shine.

A laugh-out-loud book filled with sparkle and slime, from the CBCA award-winning writers of the Captain Jimmy Cook Discovers series.


Anyone with a big imagination is going to love this book!

Jimmy Cook and Alice Toolie really do not like each other. And when Jimmy is caught reading Alice’s private diary, things only escalate. But their teacher Ms Fennel has a plan! Jimmy and Alice must write to each other and they must try to be nice.

What follows is a series of highly humorous exchanges between the two, who ultimately find that they have more in common than think, although they wouldn't want to admit that.

Follow Jimmy and Alice on their adventures as they catch, and then try to get back, the ghost that was haunting the Level 2 toilets, as they endeavour to raise money for the school fete, and make sure that their Mums are definitely not friends!

Readers aged 7 + will absolutely love this story, with the letter writing format of the book only adding to its appeal.

Reviewed by Sam

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