By: Samantha Wheeler
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: University of Queensland Press
Published: 03/04/2017
ISBN: 9780702259586


Mouse by name, mouse by nature.

Mouse is not prepared for her last-minute stay at Aunt Evie’s. How will she cope at a new school without her parents around?

But before Mouse has even unpacked her suitcase, she makes a new friend – a wombat called Miss Pearl!

Suddenly, being in a strange cottage doesn’t seem so bad, especially when she can snuggle up with a wombat.

Mouse soon learns that not everyone in the area loves wombats, including Aunt Evie’s landlord, a sheep farmer who destroys them on sight.

Can Mouse find her voice in time to keep her furry friends safe?


Animal lovers are going to thoroughly enjoy this one!

When Queensland girl Mouse finds herself staying at her Aunt Evie’s house in South Australia, she is nervous and anxious about fitting in. But with the help of Aunt Evie, her pet wombat and pet duck, and her unlikely friendship with Harry, the son of Aunt Evie’s cranky landlord, Mouse starts to enjoy her time on the farm.

Mouse and Harry soon discover that they both have a love of wombats. But these animals are considered pests on farms because of the damage that they can do, and Harry’s Mum is determined to rid her farm of them.

Can Mouse and Harry come up with a plan to save the wombats?

This is a wonderful story about fighting for what you believe in, growing up and finding your independence, but is also highlights the plight of our native animals.

Perfect for middle primary readers.

Reviewed by Sam

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