By: Serena Geddes
Genre: YBC - Picture books
Published by: Simon & Schuster
Published: 16 Sep 2020
ISBN: 9781481498760


A young dragon discovers how to be his true self with some help from his human girl best friend in this sweetly earnest sequel to Rosie and Rasmus. When Rasmus bid his best friend Rosie goodbye to journey to the Island of Dragons, he wasn't sure what to expect - he's never met another dragon before! Upon his arrival to the island, he finds the other dragons to be fierce, feisty, and a little mean. They point out how gentle Rasmus and his small wings don't fit in with the rest of them. Will Rasmus ever be a real dragon? Luckily, Rosie travels to the island, and helps her dear friend discover that being his own true self is what really matters in friendship and dragonhood.

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