By: Donna Rawlins, Mark Jackson and Heather Potter
Genre: YNM - People & places (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Walker Books
Published: 1 Jun 2018
ISBN: 9781925381641


Pnf Book Of The Month


Waves is a narrative non-fiction book about the waves of migration to the shores of Australia.

Every journey is perilous, every situation heartbreaking. Every refugee is a person forced by famine or war or fear to leave their home, their families, their friends and all they know. Children have travelled on the waves of migration to the shores of Australia for tens of thousands of years. This book tells some of their stories.

The people, the reasons, the journeys, the outcomes, beautifully brought to life by the illustrations of Mark Jackson and Heather Potter.

This narrative non-fiction book is an illustrated book, with more text than a traditional picture book.

Touching, reflective and thought-provoking!

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