By: Samantha Wheeler
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: University of Queensland Press
Published: 26 Feb 2018
ISBN: 9780702259951


Ten-year-old Isaac is flat out. Helping his mum run a caravan park on the Queensland coast means no time for fun. So when he finds a sea turtle nesting on the beach, he's disappointed that he can't volunteer as a turtle tracker to watch over her eggs and hatchlings.

To make matters worse, famous travel blogger Eddie Eastwood and his mischievous dog come to stay. Isaac must pull out all the stops because a zero-star review from Eddie would spell disaster for his mum and the park.

How can Isaac find the time to protect the turtles and make a difference?



Samantha Wheeler really does have a wonderful way of blending a real life conservation issue into a story that will appeal to readers.

Isaac is a fabulous kid! Not only is he acting way beyond his years with all that he has to do to help his Mum keep the caravan park running, he is totally passionate about the turtles that nest on the beach near their home, and in particular, the impact that others are having on their well being.

You will absolutely get caught up in his enthusiasm, but his passion and eagerness to help does not come without issues!

There are strong themes of conservation, but also of friends and family relationships, as Isaac and his mum work through their grief of losing their husband and dad, and trying to find a balance and happiness again in their lives.

It is full of fabulous facts and the reader will learn things about turtles that they never knew!

A thoroughly enjoyable read for middle primary and above.

Reviewed by Sam

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