By: Janet Reid
Illustrated by: Amanda Francey
Genre: YFS - School stories (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Wombat Books
Published: 1 Jun 2018
ISBN: 9781925563351


Toby has one mission at school: to stay out of trouble. Only then will his parents let him have a pet.

But that’s just it, Toby has trouble staying out of trouble.

It wasn’t his fault that a lizard found its way into Miss Mott’s sleeve or that a snail turned up in Ivy’s lunchbox.

Join Toby and his friends on this hilarious adventure as they navigate the sandpit, adventure playground, and sports shed in their mission to stay out of trouble. Add a dancing spider, a red-nosed dobber and the SNAKEBUSTERS for what will be an unforgettable read.


All that Toby wants is a pet. He keeps asking his parents and they just keep saying ‘We’ll think about it. But only if you’re good at school.’

Unfortunately, that is easier said than done for Toby! Even when he tries to stay out of trouble, he can’t. The well intentioned games that he and his friends start out playing, always seem to end badly. He is imaginative and impulsive, and this can lead him into trouble!

This is a story that will have your students thinking about their actions and the consequences, but it is also about play and fun, and ultimately about doing the right thing.

A great read for all junior to middle primary students.

Reviewed by Sam

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