By: Katy Warner
Genre: YFM - Romance & relationships stories
Published by: Hardie Grant Children's Publishing
Published: 7 Sep 2022
ISBN: 9781760509101


At the prestigious performing arts school Arcadia Grammar, the theatre kids and the musical theatre kids have just one rule: you DO NOT go for each other’s lead roles. But Edie is about to throw the rulebook out the window – and all hell is going to break loose.

Edie Emerson is a triple threat: she can sing and dance and act. But despite being the lead in every musical at Arcadia, she knows her future on the stage is uncertain. At least until the infamous director Toby Swan agrees to stage Romeo and Juliet at the academy.

This show could launch Edie’s career – except she doesn’t do ‘theatre’. And she’s already agreed to star in a new musical written by her best friend, Will. So when Toby casts the annoying-but-hot Noah Winters as Romeo, and he insists on Edie for Juliet, it sets the stage for drama …

Edie had her role at Arcadia down to a fine art. But does she have what it takes to play the most difficult and complicated role of all: herself?

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Edie Emerson is on a scholarship at the prestigious performing arts school, Arcadia Grammar, and she works really hard to make sure that she deserves it.

Edie is a triple threat – she can sing, dance and act. But she made an agreement with Imogen, the star actress in the school, back in Year 7 that they would not audition for each other’s roles. Edie will stick to musicals, and Imogen will stick to plays.

But when a famous director named Toby Swan decides to direct Romeo and Juliet at Arcadia Grammar, Edie decides that she has to audition for the lead role – musical or not – as it could make her career!

Little does she know the chaos that is about to descend on her life when she is cast as Juliet and Noah, a new kid at the school, gets the role of Romeo. Noah is way too cute and totally arrogant, but Edie thinks she might be falling for him anyway.

To top it all off, she has also agreed to star in her best friend Will’s musical, and then her grandpa gets sick. What has she got herself in for?

This is a riveting story about the pressures of maintaining a scholarship, especially in Year 12, in the highly competitive world of performing arts. Edie needs to make decisions about her future and she is a great character, doing her best to juggle study, work and performing. It is also a wonderful story of family, changing friendships, falling in and out of love and growing up. I really enjoyed this book and it will best suit readers in Year 10 and above.

Reviewed by Michelle