By: Nicholas J. Johnson
Genre: YFC - Adventure stories
Published by: Pan Macmillan Australia
Published: 25 Aug 2020
ISBN: 9781760787363


I'm Tricky Nick. The world's greatest magician. This is my absolutely not-made-up story of magical greatness. Magic changed my life and it could change yours too. I learnt my first trick when I was ten and now I'll teach it to you (plus a whole bunch more).

You'll also meet Trixie, a magical mystery girl, and the strange B.U.M (Brotherhood of United Magicians), and find out other Top Secret Stuff I can't reveal just yet. This tale is so incredible, so unbelievable, you'll swear I'm making it up. But you can trust me, I'm a magician...

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This is a great time travelling adventure, with the classic element of good versus evil.

Young Nick is just discovering his love of magic when he meets Trixie - who he discovers has travelled back in time to make sure he fulfills his destiny to become a magician. But unfortunately the evil Dr Crick has also travelled back in time to ensure the opposite - that Nick never becomes a magician!

This really is a book full of magic with instructions about how to perform many magic tricks, entwined in a magical story that is full of the extraordinary and unbelievable.

Ten-year-old Tricky Nick is a wonderful character, who will be loved and will amaze many readers with his determination and tenacity.

Will best appeal to readers aged 8 - 12, especially magic enthusiasts!

Reviewed by Rob