By: Cristy Burne
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Fremantle Press
Published: 29/05/2017
ISBN: 9781925164619


Isaac arrives on Rottnest Island hoping for an awesome holiday adventure, but his mum would rather he stayed inside, where it's safe. Then Isaac meets Emmy. She's allowed to do whatever she wants - and she wants to have fun!

With Emmy daring him on, Isaac's life gets more and more exciting. But when things go horribly wrong on their secret midnight adventure, they both wonder whether this time they've gone too far . . .


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Isaac has convinced his Mum that a holiday on Rottnest Island is a great idea. But can Isaac’s Mum stop being so stressed and worried about him all the time and actually let him have some fun and adventure?

When Isaac and Emmy meet, they realise they are complete opposites. Emmy is free spirited and daring, and seems to be allowed to do whatever she wants. Isaac is reserved and always worried about what his Mum, who stresses about everything, will think.

The two of them start a competition of ‘dares’, and they are both having an awesome time. But will their secret late night trip to the salt lakes be one dare too many?

It is a wonderful read for both boys and girls in Year 3 and up. It is about adventure, fun and making new friends, whilst also being a very real lesson in trust and telling the truth.

Reviewed by Sam