By: Amy Adeney
Illustrated by: Katie Alexander
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Five Mile
Published: 1 May 2020
ISBN: 9781925970982


Tilda is so excited to show Binky and Harry what a superstar swimmer she is, with her splashy splashes and fishy flips. But when she realises she can't swim properly, Tilda is embuzzled. That's right, embarrassed and puzzled!

Maybe Tilda will feel better if she teaches her friends something actually fun like cartwheeling! Tilda's cartwheel class is super fun, until it rolls out of control.

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In this first book in a new series, we are introduced to Tilda and her BFF’s, Harry and Binky, or her ‘TEAM’ as she refers to them - Totally Excellent Awesome Mates.

Tilda is so excited as they are having swimming lessons at school - and she is a superstar swimmer! Or is she?

When things don’t go to plan, Tilda decides that learning cartwheels would be more useful and fun than swimming. So Tilda decides, as she knows she wants to be a teacher one day, to run her own class. But can Tilda learn that there is an art to teaching, and it is more than just telling others what to do?

This is a delightful new series that youngers readers, in particular girls, will love. It highlights important lessons about friendship and confidence, and the words that Tilda puts together to describe things will have your emerging readers trying new ones of their own!

Reviewed by Sam