Subtitle: Essential Australian Poems for Children
By: Tania McCartney
Illustrated by: Jackie French
Genre: YDP - Poetry (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: National Library of Australia
Published: 1 Apr 2019
ISBN: 9780642279385


In This Is Home, much-loved author Jackie French has gathered a poem for every child and every mood. What do you feel like doing today? Sit beside a bush campfire with Oodgeroo Noonuccal, watch people going by with Henry Lawson, float away with Alison Lester, learn to read with Andy Griffiths or be brave with Shaun Tan.

Ideal for sharing with the whole family, this extensively illustrated edition brings together old favourites and sure-to-be new favourites in an indispensable addition to children’s bookshelves. From poems that whisper to poems that roar, from words of tranquillity and heartbreak to those of the witty and absurd, there is something within these pages to make everyone feel at home.


Poetry is a genre that we don’t often delve into with our Standing Order selections, but we felt that this one was a stand out and would be a valuable asset to your collection. The contributors included are truly amazing!

As Jackie French alludes to in the introduction, not all the poems are for everyone, but there is so much variety in this collection that we are sure readers will find something that sparks their interest and give them at least an introduction to this style of writing, if they have not been exposed to it before.

The ‘Where to Start’ section at the front of the book is a great resource to make the collection more accessible. It features headings such as ‘If you love animals, then you may also love:’…. and ‘If you want to hear whispers from the past, listen: …’ This will help steer your students in a direction that they are interested in.

As the poems are so varied, there are poems suitable for all ages from 7 years and up.

Reviewed by Sam