By: Lucinda Gifford
Genre: YFQ - Humorous stories
Published by: Walker Books
Published: 2 Sep 2020
ISBN: 9781760651596


A family of wolves leaves their mansion in Morovia, returns to their Scottish homeland where they fight for their right to live among society and save the castle that has been in their family for generations from a crooked developer. Boris Greycoat is a friendly young wolf who likes meeting people and trying new foods. His father Randall Greycoat is becoming an expert in speaking French and playing table tennis. Boris's mother, Leonora Greycoat, likes to practise her warm, reassuring smiles.

Wolves need to look reassuring if they are to flourish in society. Excited to hear the news that wolves are to be reintroduced to Scotland, Boris Greycoat and his parents, Randall and Leonora Greycoat embark on a journey back to their ancestral lands. However, it's more difficult for wolves to travel than one might think, and it seems that Scotland may not be prepared for sophisticated wolves like the Greycoats. A deliciously funny tale, with equally amusing illustrations, about being judged for what, rather than who you are.

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Boris Greycoat and his parents Leonara and Randall are very well-off wolves who live in a mansion in Morovia. They are trying to decide where to go for their next holiday when Boris reads that Scotland is welcoming wolves back into society!

Off they go to Scotland, armed with a book outlining the history of their family. But their nice quiet Scottish holiday is interrupted when a ruthless developer wants to turn a castle, that has been in their family for generations, into a massive apartment block. Can Boris save the castle?

This is a delightful book with very funny illustrations that will make you think about how people are judged - by their looks or by who they are and how they act. It would make for great class discussions on perceptions. Will be enjoyed for all readers in Year 4 and up.

Reviewed by Michelle