By: Mick Elliott
Genre: YF - Children's & teenage fiction & true stories
Published by: Hachette Australia
Published: 26 Apr 2016
ISBN: 9780734416629


Leo Lennox has an epic problem: it's his thirteenth birthday and he has just grown a tail.

You'd think that growing a tail in the middle of the school library would be the worst thing that could happen to you, but Leo is about to discover that things can always get worse - and a whole lot weirder. Now, as he discovers an unthinkable family secret, Leo must team up with his infuriating older sister to escape snake-skinned henchmen, ancient shape-shifters and a whispering villain determined to feed him to a pack of genetically engineered killer pigs - all while trying to control his new shape-shifting powers.

The first instalment of a trilogy from the funniest new Australian kids' author in years.


Turning into a komodo dragon in the school library is not the ideal 13th birthday present, but that’s what happened to Leo. On returning home he was told that his dad, Vernon, was going to warn him that he was strange (although I think he already knew that!).

Leo is from a whole family of turners, but his Dad has never heard of it happening during the day! Normally it starts the night you turn 13 and then every night you change into a different animal, fish or bird. After some practice you can hopefully control what you turn into and maybe even for how long. Although Leo is slowly learning to control his abilities, he can’t seem to stop turning during the day. This is a BIG problem! How can Leo leave the house when at any minute he might suddenly turn into something else?

Things get even worse when Vernon suddenly leaves on an overnight trip to try to discover answers to Leo’s problem and doesn’t return.

Leo and his older sister Abbie need to find him, solve the mystery, save the day and so on.

An epic and crazy adventure that 10—14 year old boys will love.

Reviewed by Rob