Subtitle: Ranger's Apprentice The Early Years 1
By: John Flanagan
Genre: YFC - Adventure stories (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Random House Australia
Published: 16 Sep 2015
ISBN: 9781742759302


Before they became the most famous Ranger in the land and the hard-working Ranger Commandant, Halt and Crowley were young friends determined to change the world.

The scheming Baron Morgarath is drawing other power-hungry knights and barons to his banner. King Oswald is wasting away and, if gossip can be believed, Prince Duncan is causing havoc in the north. Halt and Crowley set out to find the prince, uncover the truth, and re-form the weakened Ranger Corps.

Once-loyal Rangers are scattered across the country, and it will take determination, skill, and leadership if they're to come together as one. Can the Rangers regain the trust of the Kingdom, or will the cunning Morgarath outwit them at every turn?


John Flanagan takes us back to where it all began!

Crowley is a young Ranger and Halt has been trained by the best, but is not yet accepted as a full Ranger. They meet when Baron Morgarath is playing a treacherous game to name himself the King.

Halt and Crowley decide their loyalty lies with King Oswald and his son Prince Duncan, but when they discover that Morgarath has them both held prisoners in different castles, they must find other Rangers to help them.

They have until the annual tournament at Gorlan, otherwise it might be all too late.

In true Ranger’s Apprentice style, there is mystery, intrigue and adventure, as well as friendship and laughter.

This can be read as a stand alone story, but readers who enjoyed the original series will love this book.

Best suited to boys and girls, Year 4 and up, who like adventure.

Reviewed by Michelle