By: Kelli Anne Hawkins
Illustrated by: Beth Harvey
Genre: YFP - Animal stories
Published by: Harper Collins Publishers
Published: 1 Sep 2021
ISBN: 9781460759202


DOCTOR DOLITTLE MEETS WILLY WONKA IN THIS FUNNY AND THRILLING ADVENTURE FROM AN EXCITING NEW VOICE. Pets? Tick! TALKING pets? Double tick! Silly spies, secret plots and one shy kid who might just save the day? Tick, tick, tick! Anything's possible at the School for Talking Pets… When Rusty Mulligan and his pet blue-tongued lizard win a week on a secret island, at Miss Alice Einstein's School for Talking Pets, the shy twelve-year-old is thrilled.

His best friend will learn to talk! But once on the island, things don't go to plan… And Rusty must work with the other competition winners, a terrifyingly tattooed gardener, and a multitude of clever animals to save the school from the clutches of the two secret agents who have come to shut it down - by any means necessary...

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Ever wondered what your pet is thinking? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to talk to each other!

This opportunity comes true for 12-year-old Rusty, and his pet blue tongued lizard Bongo, when Rusty wins a competition to spend a week at Miss Alice Einstein’s School for Talking Pets.

But once on the island, Rusty uncovers an evil plot exists to shut the school down. Can he save the day? And will his stubborn lizard Bongo ever actually talk?

Filled with talking animals of all descriptions, including science-loving cats and aircraft-building pigs, this is a wonderful and fun-filled journey into an amazing world of incredible animals.

Perfectly suited to readers in middle to upper primary.

Reviewed by Rob