Subtitle: Book 1
By: Traci Chee
Genre: YFH - Fantasy & magical realism (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Penguin
Published: 2 Oct 2017
ISBN: 9780147518057


Sefia knows what it means to survive. After her father is brutally murdered, she flees into the wilderness with her aunt Nin, who teaches her to hunt, track, and steal. But when Nin is kidnapped, leaving Sefia completely alone, none of her survival skills can help her discover where Nin’s been taken, or if she’s even alive.

The only clue to both her aunt’s disappearance and her father’s murder is the odd rectangular object her father left behind, an object she comes to realize is a book—a marvellous item unheard of in her otherwise illiterate society.

With the help of this book, and the aid of a mysterious stranger with dark secrets of his own, Sefia sets out to rescue her aunt and find out what really happened the day her father was killed—and punish the people responsible.


Sefia’s world is thrown into chaos when her father is murdered, and Sefia must flee her home with her Aunt Nin. Her only connection to her parents is a strange rectangular object, but there are some dangerous people chasing her for it.

When her Aunt is abducted, Sefia is left alone with nothing but a desire to find the truth and punish the guilty. So begins a wonderful tale of adventure, mystery and friendship. You will love Sefia and Archer, the young boy she saves in the forest, and the rollicking crew of the Current of Faith who also befriend her.

An amazing fantasy world will engulf your senses as you read this book and readers will be eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

It suits all readers in Year 8 and up. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and am sure it will become a favourite in your library.

Reviewed by Michelle