By: Danny Katz
Illustrated by: Mitch Vane
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Walker Books
Published: 01 Aug 2015
ISBN: 9781742032375


3 highly illustrated, hilarious stories about a group of kids and their adventures during the fifteen minutes of Little Lunch.

This is what happened during Little Lunch: we played Chinese whispers in a circle around the big old tree, Melanie saved a fly and opened up an Insect Hospital, and Rory kicked his football over the off-limits fence. What else can happen in fifteen minutes?


These are three amusing stories in the Little Lunch series by Danny Katz, with wonderful illustrations by Mitch Vane.

Many students will relate to these funny stories of things that happen in the school playground during little lunch.

There are insect hospitals being set up, there are ball games being played and balls being lost over the ‘off-limits fence’, where zombie-aliens are sure to be, and stories being misconstrued when the children all sit on the bench that goes around the big oak tree (this one was my favourite out of the 3, as it is exactly the sort of thing that I remember happening in the playground!).

This is great book that is sure to encourage younger and middle level readers.

Reviewed by Sam