By: Felicity Banks
Published by: Odyssey Books
Published: 1 Jul 2018
ISBN: 9781925652130


The only weapon Dance has is her name.

When pirates threaten the tiny hidden island of Luar, Dance knows her home has only one hope of survival: the magical monsters that killed her twin sister.

Dance loses her friends one by one as she attempts to prepare her strange apprentices for the showdown between monsters and pirates.

Can she do it alone?

The Monster’s Apprentice is a powerful story of looking at the world differently and finding an answer in an unexpected place.


Dance and her family live on the magical island of Luar. An island that is made of ice with monsters who live underneath it. When pirates threaten her home, Dance wonders if the monsters can help her frighten them away. Or is she too afraid of the monsters to find out?

This is a wonderful fantasy story about growing up and finding out your true friends. It is also about looking beyond the obvious, and trying to find answers where you least expect them.

A perfect introduction to the fantasy genre for lower secondary students.

Reviewed by Michelle

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