By: Simon Lelic
Genre: YFCF - Crime & mystery fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Hachette
Published: 12 Feb 2019
ISBN: 9781444947601


An adrenaline-fuelled adventure in a new series by top thriller writer Simon Lelic. Ollie Turner isn't sure he's ready to be a hero... Our city. Our secret. Our rules. Alone. On the run. Ollie Turner has nowhere to hide. But he gets a second chance. Underneath the city there's a secret organisation, far from adult eyes. It's called The Haven.

Soon Ollie is caught up in their battle: to stop Maddy Sikes destroying the city. Time is running out for Ollie and his new friends, and millions of lives are at stake...


The Haven is a dream come true for many! No adults in a safe place where kids make all the rules.

To remain, you must maintain good study results and respect the others. The Haven takes in kids that need help. They can stay until they turn 18, at which point most enter University.

This introductory novel takes our protagonist Ollie to The Haven, after the murder of his guardian Nancy, a police officer. Nancy had been his guardian since his parents died in a terrorist attack on a bus. Ollie wants to avenge Nancy’s death, and he soon realises that the group from the Haven could help.

But Ollie could help the Haven too, as their members are shrinking and the place is in need of repairs.

What follows is an action packed adventure in pursuit of a mad woman who wants to own and rule London. She is a criminal mastermind who has somehow made all of the gangs in London wage war on each other. But this is only a diversion - her main plan is to release poisonous gas bombs that will kill millions. Can a group of kids from the Haven stop her?

The clock is ticking!

This is an action thriller and is a great and exciting read for those aged 12—16.

Reviewed by Rob