By: Allison Rushby
Genre: YNX - Mysteries, the supernatural, monsters & mythological beings
Published by: Walker Books Australia
Published: 1 Apr 2022
ISBN: 9781760654139


A captivating supernatural mystery set in a house haunted by secrets from the past. Eleven-year-old Lolli must return to London and break a promise she made to herself — to never again enter the house in Spitalfields, an historic building managed by her family.

There, Lolli must face up to what she saw in the house several years ago and make things right for two ghosts, one friendly and one decidedly not, and open her heart to people in both the living and twilight worlds.

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Set in London, this is a captivating and ghostly story, that readers will absolutely love!

Lolli is a young girl who lost her mother when she was a baby. She has been brought up in Singapore by her Mum’s best friend, Freya. Although things have not always been easy between their respective families, Lolli and Freya have a wonderful relationship and have created a happy, quiet life for themselves.

Freya’s family run the house, turned museum, in Spitalfields. The house is a relic of the past, and although it means so much to Freya’s family, and especially to one of Lolli’s favourite people - Freya’s great-aunt Elsie, Lolli dreads going there. She knows there are spirits there - she has felt them and seen them, and they are not all good! In fact, she is terrified. But she must go back. She promised Elsie that she would. But can Lolli bring herself to actually do it?

When Lolli discovers more details about the history of the house, she knows that she must face her fears head on, in order to help others.

This is not only a wonderful ghost story, it is a story of courage, friendship, opening your mind and hearts to others, and learning to let others into your life.

Students in Year 4 and up will thoroughly be enthralled by this story.

Reviewed by Sam