By: Sue Whiting
Illustrated by: Cate James
Genre: YFP - Animal stories
Published by: Walker Books Australia
Published: 29 Mar 2022
ISBN: 9781760652401


Pnf Book Of The Month

A delightful addition to the Nature Storybooks series, The Echidna Near My Place tells the story of a child and their nana, and the echidna they love to follow around. Nana and I walk through the paddock most days. And you know what? An echidna lives here. We don’t always see it. But I’m always looking for it. As a young child and their nana go for walks together, they follow a short-beaked echidna keenly observing and discussing what its life might be life.

Learn with them about what echidnas eat, where they live, and how they protect themselves. A wonderful addition to the acclaimed and award-winning Nature Storybook series, which provides memorable reading experiences, combining narrative and factual forms.

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