By: Dianne Wolfer
Genre: YXZW - Social issues: war & conflict issues (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Random House
Published: 2 Jul 2018
ISBN: 9780143787457


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A tiny dog, the runt of the litter, is born on a remote cattle station. She shouldn't have survived, but when Elsie finds, names and loves her, the pup becomes a cherished companion. Life is perfect until War arrives.

With Japanese air raids moving closer, Elsie's family leaves the Pilbara for the south and safety. But the small dog has to stay behind. After travelling far from home with drovers and a flying doctor, she becomes a hospital dog and experiences the impact of war on north-western Australia. She witnesses wonderful and terrible things, and gives courage to many different humans.

But through all her adventures and many names, the little dog remembers Elsie, who girl who loved her best of all. Will she ever find her again?


This is the story of a tiny dog with a very big heart. When Elsie gets to keep the runt of the litter, she calls her Princess. Princess becomes her very best friend and they do everything together. But when war arrives in Australia, Elsie and her family must flee, and she cannot take Princess with her.

So begins a life of change and adventure as Princess is cared for by different people. This story is told from the perspective of Princess and seen through her eyes.

It is a fascinating insight into how the war affected north-western Australia, around Broome and the Pilbara. It’s a wonderful story of love, courage, friendship and the important role dogs play in their interaction with humans.

A perfect book to introduce lower secondary students to the impact that World War II had on Aus-tralia. It will suit both boys and girls.

Reviewed by Michelle

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