By: Michelle Worthington
Genre: YF - Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories
Published by: Big Sky Publishing
Published: 21 Sep 2022
ISBN: 9781922765420


An adventurous, fast moving middle grade historical fiction about survival, second chances and searching for your place in the world.

As a young girl growing up in an unforgiving land, Connie learns that sometimes good people need to do bad things to survive.

When her pioneering family travels to outback Queensland to try and rebuild their lives, as their only surviving daughter, Connie struggles to fit into society’s expectations of her.

The challenges keep mounting as the unforgiving climate threatens their happiness. Devastating drought is followed by a flood that wipes out their entire flock. And then Connie uncovers the real reason behind why her father had to leave Scotland.

When her father's past finally catches up with him, can Connie find the courage to find her own path forward and rewrite the future for her family?

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Connie and her family are moving from New South Wales to Queensland to start a new life for themselves.

Life is hard and unforgiving in the outback, and Connie doesn't like being told to behave like a young lady. She’d much rather be doing the same things as the boys, but as the only girl she knows she must help her Mum so that the family can survive.

But soon the survival of their whole family is threatened by drought and the devastating floods, and Connie quickly learns that sometimes bad situations are forced on good people.

When her Dad and her brother are in a huge fight, Connie finally realises why her Dad really left Scotland. Will Connie and her Mum survive? Can you change the future that has been mapped out for you?

This is based on a true story of a pioneering family and shows just how hard it must have been for early settlers, and how quickly the children had to grow up and help out. It is a great adventure story with lots of moments of joy amongst the hardships.

A wonderful story for middle-grade readers about family, friendship and finding your place in a world where women didn't have the choices that we have today.

Reviewed by Michelle