By: Lili Wilkinson
Genre: Y - Children's, teenage & educational
Published by: Allen & Unwin
Published: 27 Jul 2016
ISBN: 9781760113360


Ruby Jane Galbraith is empty. Her family has been torn apart and it's all her fault...The only thing that makes sense to her is Fox - a gentle new friend who is wise, soulful and clever, yet oddly naive about the ways of the world.

He understands what she's going through and he offers her a chance to find peace. Fox belongs to a group called the Institute of the Boundless Sublime - and Ruby can't stay away from him. So she is also drawn into what she discovers is a terrifying, secretive community that is far from the ideal world she expected...

Can Ruby find the courage to escape?

Is there any way she can save Fox too? And is there ever an escape from the far-reaching influence of the Institute of the Boundless Sublime?


This is a real change of genre for Lili Wilkinson, as she presents a compelling and sometimes terrifying look into the strange world of modern day alternative communities.

Driven, as many recent books have been, by the death of a family member, a disintegrating family unit and a need to find something better, our main character Ruby sees the angelic Fox handing out water bottles to thirsty people.

This seems harmless enough, but she is soon drawn into his idyllic life style and realises that this Institute of the Sublime run by Daddy may not be all it seems. However, through withdrawal, privilege denial and cruel punishments, we soon see her succumbing to his control.
Then Fox and Ruby are found in bed together and Fox is banished or possibly murdered. Will this break Ruby’s trust or place her more under Daddy’s control?

This is a gripping read, based in a cult that is not at all religious, but certainly controlling. It is hard to put down, very real and probably

Lili’s best novel yet. It’s dark content make it best suited to a 14+ reader, both male or female.

Reviewed by Rob