By: Cecily Anne Paterson
Genre: YF - Children's / Teenage fiction & true stories
Published by: Wombat Books
Published: 15 Sep 2021
ISBN: 9781761110405


Ava’s been training hard for an awesome athletics season, and is looking forward to celebrating her 12th birthday. Life’s great—and Chloe the dog is having puppies! Even if Mum gets annoyed at Ava’s lack of organisation, Ava can always rely on her best friend Josie and her sister Maddie to pick up after her.

But when the pandemic hits, everything’s cancelled. There’s no school, no birthday, no athletics, no toilet paper and definitely no Josie to rely on. When a puppy goes missing, it’s Ava’s fault. Can she mend her irresponsible ways in time?

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Ava relies on everyone around her to do everything for her, including her Mum, her big sister Maddie and her best friend Josie. It’s just the way it always is! Ava is always late and unorganised, and whilst this is becoming more and more annoying to those around her, she just doesn't seem to notice or care.

Until, that is, the pandemic hits and life as Ava and her family and friends knew it, in quiet Kangaroo Valley, changes completely!

As Ava has to accept that her day to day life is changing, she also forced to see that life does not always revolve around her. Her family and friends are suffering too, and she must start to think of others and take some responsibility for herself.

Even though it is set during a time of upheaval, it is also a great story about family, friendship, growing up and how we can all adapt to change.

On a personal note, having had a daughter in Year 6 last year, just like Ava, this was at times like looking through a window into our house!
It is an easy to read story, and one that middle and upper primary students will thoroughly relate to.

Reviewed by Sam