By: Sherryl Jordan
Genre: YFH - Fantasy & magical realism (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Walker Books
Published: 1 Sep 2018
ISBN: 9781760650605


An exciting historical fantasy YA by award-winning New Zealand author Sherryl Jordan.

“Words hold a terrible power. They can break a heart, or give it a reason to live. They can grant freedom – or begin a war.” In a world where it is a crime to speak against injustice, a jester dares to perform a play that enrages a powerful tyrant prince. The jester’s daughter, Giovanna, must journey into the heart of danger to turn back the terrible consequences unleashed by her father’s words – and becomes entangled in a treacherous plot to overthrow the prince.

She alone holds a secret which, if made public, will end the prince’s reign and liberate his oppressed people. But when to openly denounce him brings certain death, will Giovanna have the courage to speak out?


Giovanna is a jester’s daughter, and when her father performs a play he has written that belittles the powerful Prince Savernola, the Prince is enraged - and terrible consequences follow.

Can Giovanna stop the bloodshed, or is she another pawn in a treacherous plot?

This is a part fantasy, part historical fiction set in Renaissance Italy, where a wrong word can be as dangerous as a sword.

It is a wonderful tale of mystery, drama, danger and romance, with enthralling characters—both good and bad. This is an irresistible book and will loved by readers in Year 9 and up.

Reviewed by Michelle