By: Doogie Horner
Genre: YFC - Adventure stories
Published by: Scholastic Australia
Published: 01 Feb 2024
ISBN: 9781760268671


On his first day at a new school, Stanley wishes he could disappear. Then,after a big spill at the science fair, Poof! Stanley is invisible! It’s awesome! Hecan do anything he wants, and no one will know! Except for one person—theinventor of the ruined project. And he plans to take his anger out on kids allover town, including Stanley.

Get ready for a battle of the ages!

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Stanley has just moved into a new school and on the first day it is Science Fair Day!

Stanley hasn’t made anything, but the teacher gives him some time and he makes a robot out of recycled things.

His next door neighbour Eugene really wants to win the Science Fair, and is furious when his stain remover doesn’t win.

When Stanley accidentally knocks the stain remover over, it turns both of them invisible! Eugene decides that this means he can do whatever he wants because no one can see him, except for Stanley. Can Stanley stop him?

This is a great graphic novel that readers will love. With lots of crazy experiments and clashes between Stanley and Eugene, it is fast-paced and lots of fun. It has strong themes of friendship and family woven through it. Perfect for readers in middle primary and above.

Reviewed by Michelle