By: Robert Winston
Genre: YRG - Reference works (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Dorling Kindersley
Published: 27 Aug 2014
ISBN: 9781409356981


Be amazed and astounded at the human body, from head to toe, and discover how extraordinary you really are.

Robert Winston explains all the amazing things the human body can do. From the human brain to muscles and bones, SuperHuman Encyclopedia explains to kids the extraordinary processes behind the ordinary human body. Packed with interesting facts about the human body, from how we keep cool and how memories are made to how the human body fights infection and how many muscles we use to smile,SuperHuman explores and explains how the body works.

Full of colourful images and awesome facts SuperHuman also explores how some people seem to have super abilities jumping farther, reacting quicker or running faster showcasing their remarkable records. Robert Winston reveals fascinating facts and explains how the human body works.