Subtitle: Surviving the Wild 3
By: Remy Lai
Genre: YFB - General fiction
Published by: A & U Children
Published: 30 Aug 2022
ISBN: 9781761065460


Hi! I'm Sunny and I'm a shark. I love cruising the ocean with my pilot fish friends, looking for food. But sometimes things in the water are not what they seem ...

Now a plastic ring is wrapped around my fin and it's tricky to hunt. Can I break free before winter sets in? This inspiring series offers the perfect introduction for young readers to the wonders and perils of the natural world - and how we can all do our part to protect it.

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This is the third book in this great series about how actions impact animals in the wild. Book 1 and 2 were part of our April selections.

Sunny is an Oceanic Whitetip shark who spends her days hunting for food. She has a loyal team of pilot fish who follow her in order to get the scraps that float around her.

So when she gets a ring stuck around her that she thought was food, she isn't initially concerned - she’s a fearsome predator after all!

But as Sunny grows, things take a turn for the worst and she struggles to have the energy to find enough food. Her only hope is that the marine researchers, who had previously tagged her, might be able to find her and her free her.

This is a wonderful graphic novel for junior readers that has themes of conservation, animals, survival in the wild, nature and environment.

Reviewed by Sam