By: Richard Newsome
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Affirm Press
Published: 29 Jan 2019
ISBN: 9781925712872


Stella's excess energy and a mishap with a fire extinguisher (and the class guinea pig) have caught the attention of Principal Hinchliffe. In a bid to channel some of that energy into less destructive areas, Stella is given the challenge of creating a play for the annual talent show.

The result is a hilarious romp of misbehaving dogs, fart books, the musical CATS and Instagloat, the must-have app of the moment. This is HATING ALISON ASHLEY meets DORK DIARIES with a dash of MATILDA.


The best thing about this book is Stella! She is always finding ways to get into trouble and attract the attention of the somewhat evil principal, Mrs Hinchliffe.

Stella has been given the task of channelling her energy into a play for the upcoming talent quest. Surely going with the theme of bottoms will go well, won’t it?

Stella has great friends and an unstoppable attitude, and the desire to help those who get treated badly.

She would be a great role model, if not for all of those accidents!

She is sure to be loved by many younger readers, aged 6-9.

Reviewed by Rob