By: Richard Newsome
Genre: YBC - Picture books
Published by: Affirm Press
Published: 25 Jun 2019
ISBN: 9781925870480


Hi! I'm Stella and yes, I'll admit it. I am just a teeny tiny bit obsessed with winning the Camp Cup this year. Who wouldn't be? The winner gets a pizza party!

Year Five camp only comes around once in a lifetime and it's going to be awesome. Except... the campsite is on the edge of an old abandoned graveyard. And there's a rumour that a kid called Spud Riley went to camp and never came back. AND we're on a Camp Cup team with Lizzie Lawless, and the thing you need to know about Lizzie Lawless is - oh. Never mind. You'll see... It's going to be hectic. Yes. No. Really.


Stella is so excited to be going on her Grade 5 camp! Even though the food is supposed to be terrible and there is a rumour that a previous student never returned home, she is still excited.

Stella is determined to win the Camp Cup with her friends, but that might be easier said than done, especially with ‘Lucky’ Lizzie Lawless on her team.

This is a fun story that is full of action and pranks, but there is more to it than that. When loud and confident Stella is asked to look out for and make sure quiet Lizzie is included in things, a very unlikely friendship emerges and Stella soon realises that there is far more to Lizzie than she had ever taken the time to learn.

This will be thoroughly enjoyed by all junior to middle primary girls.

Reviewed by Sam