By: Hilary Badger
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: HP Egmont
Published: 01 Oct 2014
ISBN: 9781760120382


Nothing and no-one exists beyond the garden where Wren and the others live, but that's okay - they have everything they could possibly need right there, in paradise.

The trees are laden with fruit and the water in the lagoon is as clear as crystal. Wren's world is a utopia. If only Wren could stop the strange visions she's started having: flashes of another world, where there are people she doesn't know - couldn't possibly know - but who somehow feel familiar.

And what does Blaze, the most beautiful and mysterious of creations, know about what's going on in Wren's head? When she uncovers the lies that are propping up everything she has ever believed in, Wren must choose: remain in blissful ignorance or face the ugly truth?


Wren lives an idyllic existence in Dot’s Paradise, a Garden of Eden like utopia.

Together with the 99 other young and beautiful people living inside this bubble, Wren has everything she needs and believes that this is all that exists in the world.

This slowly unravels when Wren starts to experience flashbacks to an earlier life. Why does Blaze seem to know what is going on and want to discover more?

With government control, clinical drug trials and a horrific secret from Wren’s past, the story builds to a climax where many questions are answered, but some are left to the imagination of the reader.

A highly acclaimed author for younger readers, this is Hilary’s first novel for teen readers.

Because of the jacket the book is likely to attract female readers aged 14+.

Reviewed by Rob