By: Solli Raphael
Genre: YXZG - Social issues: environment & green issues (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Penguin Australia
Published: 1 Sep 2020
ISBN: 9781760898410


Following on from the success of Limelight, this new collection of poetry illuminates the social interests of Solli's generation in a thought-provoking style, including a mix of traditional poems and brand-new performance poems. It covers topics from connection to bullying and pinpoints climate change as a key concern with poems like Solli's Greenpeace collaboration piece 'Let's Make More Minutes Count!'.

Spotlight also contains five non-fiction chapters with advice, tips and plenty of activities for kids and teens. Solli encourages readers to find their voice and learn the forms and occupations of writing, as well as discusses how to use and gain a platform, with ways to instigate change and become a wordsmith themselves. He shares his experiences, ideas and advice on how the reader can create a sustainable future and discover ways to help create change, while looking at trends such as veganism and zero waste.

Everyone can be proactive in shaping the future so let's stand in solidarity.

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Spotlight is the second book from SLAM poet Solli Raphael, and it will not disappoint his many fans. This time as well as his own poems, Solli has included wonderful tips and advice that are perfect for those trying to find ways to express themselves, for example how to write poetry, and how to create change.

All these poems focus on causes close to Solli’s heart, especially climate change, bullying and being connected to each other.

I particularly loved the following ones: Embracing Life, Beliefism, Ignite Your Spark, Spotlight, Follow The Light, Slam and Rise, but I’m sure readers will quickly find your own favourites.

Destined to become an instant hit with readers in lower secondary and above.

Reviewed by Michelle