By: Henry Boffin
Genre: YFG - Science fiction
Published by: Ford Street Publishing
Published: 1 Sep 2022
ISBN: 9781922696106


Raised by utility robots on board the Grand Orbital Library, twelve-year-old orphan Speck’s days are spent serving the spaceship’s exotic guests. At night, he dreams of exploring the Universe. But when a mysterious creature known only as the Starchild arrives from the fringes of deep space, everything changes. Now, Speck must uncover the creature’s secret before it’s too late. A secret that, if unleashed, could destroy the entire Universe . . .

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Set in a futuristic science fiction world, Speck is a 12-year-old human orphan who has been raised by robots.

When the fate of the Universe is threatened by an all powerful creature known as the Starchild, Speck sets out to change the future…

He joins up with a rag tag bunch of space pirates and together they set about the unlikely goal of stopping the Starchild.

Speck naively believes that he can convince the Starchild to do good…but surely this is impossible?

Full of action, wonderful creatures and a belief in the good inherent in all beings that was reminiscent of a Jedi knight, this is a tremendous fantasy novel that will be enjoyed by students in lower secondary.

Reviewed by Rob