Subtitle: Death by Design
By: Rachael Craw
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Walker Books
Published: 01 Jul 2014
ISBN: 9781922179623


Evie doesn't have a choice.

One day she's an ordinary seventeen year old, grieving for her mother.

The next, she's a Shield, the result of a decades-old experiment gone wrong, bound by DNA to defend her best friend from an unknown killer.

The threat could come at home, at school, anywhere. All Evie knows is that it will be a fight to the death. And then there's Jamie. Irresistible.



Evie is 17 years old and grieving for her Mum. She is living with her Aunt Miriam, her Mum’s twin sister, when strange things start happening to her body. Why is she suddenly so fast and strong?

Evie finds out that her DNA has been manipulated as a result of a decade old experiment that went wrong. She is now one of the ‘select’ and, whether she likes it or not, she has to fight to the end. In the midst of all this chaos there is Jamie, Evie’s first crush.

There is something for everyone in this book, mystery, science fiction, super natural, romance and a couple of great fight scenes as Evie struggles to contain her emotions.

Full of excitement and mystery from the very first chapter, this will suit anyone who enjoyed Divergent and I can’t wait for the next instalment, as I fell in love with these characters and couldn’t stop reading until the very last page.

I highly recommend this book for Year 9 & up.

Reviewed by Michelle.