By: Jared Thomas
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Magabala Books
Published: 01 Aug 2016
ISBN: 9781922142658


Roxy May Reddings got music in her soul and songs in her blood. She lives in a hot dusty town and is dreaming big. She survives run-ins with the mean girls at high school, sings in her dads band and babysits for her wayward aunt. But Roxy wants a new start. When she gets the chance to study music in the big city, she takes it.

Roxy’s new life, her new friends and her music collide in a way she could never have imagined. Being a poor student sucks... navigating her way through the pressure of a national music competition has knobs on it... singing for her dinner is soul destroying... but nothing prepares Roxy for her biggest challenge.

Her crush on Ana, the local music journo, forces her to steer her way through a complex maze of emotions alien to this small town girl. Family and friends watch closely as Roxy takes a confronting journey to find out who the hell she is.


Roxy is one of those characters that you find yourself just wanting the best for.

She lives in Port Augusta with her Dad, who has raised her on his own since her Mum left when Roxy was small. He has given her a good life, even though things have not always been easy. They share a love of music and often play in a band together.

Roxy knows that her future lies in music and when she gets the chance to enrol at CASM, the Centre of Aboriginal Music at Adelaide University, she knows that this is what she needs to do. She just isn't sure how she is going to make it happen.

With the support of her Dad and with her talented friend Justin in tow, they head to Adelaide. General day to day living and adjusting to life in the big city is hard on them both. But this is just the start of Roxy’s challenges and she is totally unprepared for what happens after she meets the beautiful and mysterious Ana. Could she really be falling in love with her?

Roxy has faced racism through her life and now she must face the consequences of admitting that she is gay. Will she be accepted by her family and friends and is she really ready to make this call?

This book does include problem drinking, sex and swearing, however, it all seems to fit within the story. It will be best suited for a mature female audience.

Reviewed by Sam