By: Bruce Pascoe
Genre: YF - Children's & teenage fiction & true stories
Published by: Magabala Books
Published: 01 Aug 2015
ISBN: 9781921248931


Written with gentle humour and a beautiful interpretation of landscape, this adventure story about Jack and his family is reminiscent of endless summers, azure seas and sandy white beaches.

Jack, his dad Vince, sister Tanya, and mum Carla, escape to Seahorse Bay whenever they can. Idyllic days are spent exploring the waters of the bay, diving, fishing and cooking up feasts on the beach and, for Jack, daydreaming of long-gone shipwrecks and forgotten treasure. Jack cannot believe his luck when he comes across a sunken boat not far off the coast.

When he shows his father, they discover it is in pristine condition and decide to take on the challenge of salvaging it. But what is the story behind this mysterious boat?

How long has it been in the bay?

How did it get there? And who is the man on the cliff with the binoculars?

When the boat is finally raised, the adventure begins.


This book has a wonderful setting and makes you feel like you are on holidays in a beautiful remote seaside town.
Seahorse Bay is a place where Jack and his family often go camping. They love the lifestyle of swimming, fishing and scuba diving.

When Jack finds a sunken boat, he and his father wonder how and why it is there. Could the strange man that Jack keeps seeing somehow be involved? But it is when the Police advise Jack that if he and his father Vince can salvage the boat, that they can keep it, that the mystery really begins...

This book is ideal for students in Year 5 –8, and will also appeal to those that may be struggling reading more lengthy novels.

Reviewed by Sam