Subtitle: The Good Times of Pelican Rise
By: Samone Amba
Genre: YFB - General fiction
Published by: Affirm Press
Published: 27 Jul 2021
ISBN: 9781922419217


UGH! After-school care, again? It's official: they've finally reached grade six, and Sunday Moon and her besties Ockie, Kirra and Lottie are Legends of the School! But no matter how legendary they are, as soon as the end of day bell rings they are MAROONED in after-school care at Club Koala. Day in, day out, with only the karaoke-loving grade twos and nit-infested preppies for company.

After the worst summer of bushfires ever, Sunday is determined to ditch the headstand competitions and use her time at Club Koala to make a difference. Sunday's parents might say NO! to getting a pet, but that won't stop Sunday from saving as many joeys as she can - with the help of her friends, a radio station, a whole bunch of wool from the op shop, and a LOT of animal memes.

Welcome to The Good Times of Pelican Rise ... a fun series that explores growing up, getting involved, hanging out with besties and using your voice to Be the Change.

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Sunday and her friends Ockie, Kirra and Lottie, have just started Year 6. They are finally legends of the school. But despite being legends, every day after school they are still stuck in after school care at Club Koala!

After a summer of devastating bushfires, they decide to spend their time in after school care wisely and to put their talents to good use and help all the orphaned joeys by knitting joey pouches. Soon they have the whole town knitting them!

This is a wonderful story of friendship, growing up and how you are never too young to make a difference.

It’s a book full of fun and laughter, with an underlying topic of being environmentally conscious. Perfect for readers in Year 5 and up.

Reviewed by Michelle

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