By: Rachel Hennessy
Genre: YFG - Science fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: MidnightSun Publishing
Published: 1 Apr 2019
ISBN: 9781925227499


We are not special. We are just survivors. Pandora wants so much more than what her village can provide. When disaster comes to the River People, Pan has the opportunity to become their saviour and escape her inevitable pairing with life-long friend Matthew. She wants to make her own choices.

Deep in her soul, she believes there is something more out there, beyond the boundaries,  especially since she encountered the hunter of the Mountain People.

A story of confused love, difficult friendships and clumsy attempts at heroism, Pan’s fight for her village’s survival will bring her into contact with a whole new world, where the truth about the past will have terrifying reverberations for her people’s future survival.


Pandora is a member of the River People, in a world where few humans have survived after the Burning.  Pan’s people now number no more than 100, and have strict traditions in an attempt to ensure their future. This includes Pan’s impending pairing with another member of her village. But when Pan is paired with Matthew as a chosen, she knows that she doesn’t have those kind of  feelings for her life-long close friend.

When an epidemic hits their village and her Mum knows that a vaccine exists in the old city, will Pan be freed from her surroundings in an attempt to save her people? It is a long trip to the old city, and one that is full of danger, none the least being the feral creatures that now roam the city.

Pan and four teens begin their journey, only to be saved by a member of the Mountain People. Can their opposing people come together to find a cure? And even if they do, will they succeed or even be in time to save their people?

This is a fantastic story of survival and heroism in a cruel new world. With strong themes of kinship, sustainability and duty, it will be a thought provoking read that is suitable for all teenagers.

Reviewed by Rob