By: Fleur Ferris
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Random House Australia
Published: 01 Jul 2015
ISBN: 9780857986474


Taylor and Sierra have been best friends for their whole lives. But Taylor's fed up.

Why does Sierra always get what - and who - she wants? From kissing Taylor's crush to stealing the guy they both met online for herself, Sierra doesn't seem to notice when she hurts her friends. So when Sierra says Jacob Jones is the one and asks her friends to cover for her while she goes to meet him for the first time, Taylor rolls her eyes.

But Sierra doesn't come back when she said she would. One day. Two days. Three . . . What if Taylor's worrying for nothing? What if Sierra's just being Sierra, forgetting about everyone else to spend time with her new guy?

When Taylor finally tells Sierra's mum that her daughter is missing, Taylor and her friends are thrown into a dark world they never even knew existed.

Can Taylor find Sierra's abductor in time? Or should she be looking for a killer?


As a Mum this is a truly terrifying novel, and should be eye-opening reading for every teenager who uses the internet. Fleur Ferris’ story of online predators and how easy it is to be manipulated is one that will stay with you.

Sierra and Taylor are just like any teenage girls, at least until Sierra decides to meet up with a guy she met online and then mysteriously disappears. Her friends Taylor, Riley, Joel and Callum, who all knew she was going but didn't say anything to Sierra’s mum, are left to put the pieces of their lives back together.

Beautifully written, tragic and sad, but with a wonderful theme of learning to forgive yourself and not to worry about the little things in life, this book was incredibly hard to put down and will strike a chord with teenagers everywhere.

It is probably best suited to Year 8 and up, and would make a wonderful addition to any school booklist as an English text, with many discussion points being raised.

Reviewed by Michelle