By: Jen Banyard
Genre: Y - Children's, teenage & educational
Published by: Fremantle Press
ISBN: 9781922089878


Lovable junior reporter Pollo di Nozi returns in this funny, fast-paced who-dunnit for middle readers.

When Pollo implicates the Mayor's nephew in a spate of local robberies, she sets in train a series of mishaps that only she and her faithful sheep sidekick Shorn Connery can set right.


When the Mayor’s questionable nephew moves to Riddle Gully, things start to go missing.

Our budding journalist Pollo di Nozi takes it upon herself to uncover the truth. She enlists her trusty friend Will’s help to catch the thief and soon writes an article for the newspaper that will ensure that nobody trusts Benson Bragg.

But what if she is wrong and an innocent boy is framed?

Will the truth be discovered in time?

A great read for 9 - 12 year olds and although it is the second title in the series (following Mystery at Riddle Gully), it can certainly be read as a stand alone title.

Reviewed by Rob