By: George Ivanoff
Genre: YFC - Adventure stories (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Random House
Published: 01/02/2016
ISBN: 9780857988768


A high-octane adventure series for children written in partnership with the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Sam, Dawson and Emma are on a road trip with their dad and are taking the long and dusty Oodnadatta Track heading all the way to Uluru. They stop to camp at the edge of a ghost town called Farina. The deserted settlement is full of crumbling buildings and is the perfect place to play a spooky game of tip. But as the kids are running through the ruins, their dad follows and loses his footing.

The floor beneath him gives way and he falls, seriously injuring his leg. It's up to the kids now to get help. The Royal Flying Doctor Service is called and the bush ambulance heads out to pick up the family and take them to the nearest airstrip.

However, the situation is so bad that Sam and Dawson need to administer First Aid to their dad until the RFDS arrives. It's touch-and-go as the Royal Flying Doctor Service do everything they can to rescue their patient from the most remote of locations!


Sam, Dawson & Emma are on a road trip through outback Australia with their Dad. Mum is going to join them at Uluru.

They stop and spend the day at Farina, a ghost town which they explore. But as they play chasey in the ruins, their Dad falls and breaks his leg. It is up to the kids to get help, in the middle of nowhere!

Luckily they find Gwen and Burt driving on the main road and they call the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

But not everything goes to plan and Sam and Dawson have to step up and help save Dad...

Children will love this new series from George Ivanoff that shows the fantastic work of the Royal Flying Doctor Service and the amazing doctors, nurses and pilots who look after our out-back community.

A wonderful adventure story that is perfect for those in Year 4 & up.

Reviewed by Michelle