By: Australian Geographic
Genre: YNN - Natural history
Published by: Australian Geographic
Published: 1 Mar 2022
ISBN: 9781922388407


This is a new graphic book series that focuses on helping kids save the planet from climate change one practical step at a time. PIP & PETE’S makes learning about climate change entertaining and hopeful. Each book will focus on tackling on one climate issue at a time and presenting real and practical ways that every kid can make a positive impact on this planet. Yay!

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Follow Pip and Pete as they embark on a rescue mission to Antarctica.

They are part of the ERC (Environment Response Crew), and whilst they would normally get left at home, this time they are allowed to join the others on an emergency trip to Antarctica, after an oil spill.

Although they are not sure what awaits them, Pip and Pete are full of excitement and ready to help.

But can Pip and Pete, and the whole ERC, convince the politicians that what is happening in places like Antarctica is a far bigger climate issue than they are led to believe?

Pip and Pete show courage and bravery - especially when they become lost and discover the stranded penguins. There is a lot to explore visually in this highly engaging graphic novel, and I’m sure students will take away some of the practical ideas for how they too can help the planet.

Perfect for all primary students, particularly those with an interest in the environment.

Reviewed by Sam