By: Penny Jaye
Genre: YFB - General fiction (Children's / Teenage)
Published by: Rhiza Press
Published: 1 Jul 2018
ISBN: 9781925563412


Fifteen-year-old Meena has given up all hope of ever escaping the brothel.

For three years she’s locked away her memories – of home, of her childhood friend, of what it means to hope. But when a botched police raid offers her a chance at freedom, Meena must face the truth about her past.

As she attempts to piece her life back together, the memories she has buried deep inside begin to resurface. Meena realises escaping the brothel is only the beginning of what it means to be free.

Can she face the truth in her memories? Can she return to Nepal if it means returning alone? Or will she face the red-light district one last time?


Meena and her friend Putali are young Nepalese girls who think they have found their way to a better future. Meena’s uncle has arranged for the girls to go to India for a job interview. They are excited, and see this as a way out of the poverty and hopelessness that is their everyday life.

Little do they know they are now being trafficked, and they soon find themselves at the mercy of those only wanting to make money from them. How will they survive and find a way out?

This is quite a confronting story that highlights the ruthlessness and evil that many young and impoverished children around the world face. But it is also a story of hope, and how with time, trust, love and support, these children can be saved and start to rebuild their lives.

This book will be best suited to those 15+, particularly girls.

Reviewed by Sam

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