By: Tristan Bancks
Genre: YFQ - Humorous stories (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Random House Australia
Published: 02 Mar 2015
ISBN: 9780857985293


Have you ever helped your pop escape from a nursing home?

Does your teacher have a problem with his bowels?

Is your sister an evil genius and criminal mastermind? Have you ever mined your teeth for cash?

Do you want to know where all the lost socks go?

Is there a girl or boy at school who's desperate to kiss you?

And do you know someone with the worst case of nits in world history?

I do. I'm Tom Weekly and this is the third book in my weird, funny, sometimes gross life story.


Tom Weekly is the star of this book of funny, ridiculous and really pretty disgusting short stories that are sure to make you laugh out loud.

His big sister is possibly the most evil sister a kid has ever had. Her plot to make Tom do all her chores for a week is both brilliant and horrible at the same time - too bad Tom didn’t think of it first!

My favourite stories were the tale of Tom helping his grandfather escape from his nursing home and the ‘cranky dad syndrome’ story. Tom’s grandfather dresses up as the head nurse and, with the assistance of an army of elderly residents flinging food, sharpened walking sticks and more disgusting things at the nursing staff, he attempts to make his escape.

Jack is Tom’s friend and his Dad suffers from cranky dad syndrome. But lately he has managed to calm down and not be cranky. Jack is determined to get his normal Dad back, so Jack and Tom decide that they need to misbehave until he goes back to his normal cranky self. I think most dads would be really annoyed with their scheme - it starts with removing the batteries from the remote control just as the big game is about to start and replacing them with sausage meat and gets more and more annoying. What will it take to get Jack’s Dad to snap back to his normal self?

The hilarious and crazy stories will have kids laughing for ages, and the cartoon illustrations throughout are a great addition. As they are all short stories you can just read one story or all of them, making it accessible to a range of readers. The engaging and fast paced nature of the short stories should hold the attention of more reluctant readers too. Best suited to middle - upper primary.

Reviewed by Kate