Subtitle: Little Paws 2
By: Jess Black
Genre: YFP - Animal stories (Children's/Teenage)
Published by: Random House
Published: 03/04/2017
ISBN: 9780143781790


A fun, heart-warming series about the puppies that train to become Guide Dogs and the families who help raise them. Lachie Byrnes is proud to be helping raise Meg, a budding Guide Dog. After living with the Byrnes family for a few months, Meg has just started puppy preschool! Meg is very good at obeying commands - except sometimes sit and stay!

But after a big day of training and activities, Meg becomes sick and has to be rushed to the Guide Dogs vet surgery. Lachie is determined to use his detective skills to find out what's wrong with his beloved puppy.


The second book in the Little Paws series features the Byrnes family, who have been looking after Meg for two months. She is a beautiful dog and has fitted perfectly into their lives.

Grade 5 student Lachie loves looking after Meg and has taken responsibility for her training, including at the formal puppy preschool training sessions. So when Meg suddenly becomes ill and has to spend nights at the vet away from him, he is determined to find out what has caused her illness.

The same week that Meg is sick, Lachie finds himself having to complete a scientific research project for school. Can he find out what happened to Meg and complete his project at the same time?

This book will be thoroughly enjoyed by emerging readers, and especially by dog lovers!

Reviewed by Sam