Subtitle: School of Monsters
By: Sally Rippin
Illustrated by: Chris Kennett
Genre: YFA - Classic fiction
Published by: Hardie Grant Children's Publishing
Published: 3 Mar 2021
ISBN: 9781760507329


You shouldn’t bring a pet to school.

But Mary’s pet is super cool!

You're not supposed to bring your pet to the School of Monsters if you haven't fed them yet. But Mary LOVES her little pet! Surely it will be OK to sneak him inside her hat just for the morning…

Welcome to the School of Monsters: the funniest, silliest and most accessible series for first readers!

Start by reading only the last word on every line and work your way up to reading the whole story. With tumbling rhymes and an infectious sense of humour, the weird and wonderful students at the School of Monsters are guaranteed to spark a love of reading!

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This is a fabulous new series that is squarely aimed at students who are just starting out on their reading journey.

In this first book, we follow the adventures of Mary and her pet at Monster School. What will happen when Mary breaks the rules and lets her pet into the classroom without being fed?

Combining the talents of Sally Rippin and Chris Kennett, the book has tips for adults about reading with children at the back of the book. It also includes instructions for readers on how to easily draw our Monster Mary, as well as a list of new rhyming words to learn.

We are sure that this new junior series will be loved by new readers, as well as being a wonderful book for adults helping children to learn to read.

Reviewed by Sam